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How to Register for your COVID Test prior to returning to Canada

Before you go to step 1 - you need to know

That your test needs to be completed within 72 hours of your last flight to Canada (ie if you make a layover in San Fran or Detroit, the flight from there is the 72 hour window).

Step 1.  Register in one of two ways - needs a phone

Scan the code to the right or go to this link directly! 

Use your Walgreens app (if you have one)   

You may also be able to use your computer and go to the

website, but have found the phone method was actually easier to navigate

Step 2. Click on the Get Started Button
Scroll down a little bit

Step 3 - Agree to their terms
Lots of them

Step 4 - REALLY IMPORTANT STEP - Enter the Patient Demographic info and enter the hotel address instead of your Canadian Address
When asked for your address, put 3667 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Step 5 - Enter our group code of the Plan ID and Group ID


Step 6 - Fill out questionnaire
Asks you about 7 questions. It asks about International Travel in the last 14 days.  I didn't say yes as I hadn't traveled yet.

Step 7 - Select the testing location and book appointment 
The test is the one with the red dot Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW).  Dates to chose from are the Monday 22nd Tuesday 23rd or Wednesday 24th after golf at the London Club at PH.

Please note the confirmation email will say "drive thru" but that is just a standard confirmation email.  Will be in th eHotel.

If we fill up, there are other options.  But I would recommend booking asap

For any other questions, please email them to the tournament organizers at:

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